Enterprise Volume Fleet Management in One Cloud Control Panel System

Beacon Micro® offers a wide range of Beacon® asset, fleet & equipment tracking solutions with the following services:

  • Business Management with administration services, analyze and keep track of data for RFID QR Code and GPS.
  • Computerized cloud based database inventory management and advisory services with consultation services related to asset tracking data.
  • On-line computer web-site software that tracks and manages assets for local and field data collection for database management to be viewed on PCs or hand held devices.
  • Telecommunication services access to Cellular, GPS, QR code and RFID tracking utilizing the Internet information communication network.
  • Providing online software documentation for proof of dispatch, location, delivery and collection.
  • Multiple user access to a global computer information network related to inventory control management for proprietary collections keeping track of the fleet, vehicle tracking, shipping containers, livestock, pallets or the supply chain.