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Patent Number 6812849 General Overview Description

The Beacon® RFID loading dock traffic automation system is designed to automate the DC (distribution center) / warehouse, working in conjunction throughout the database network. This system keeps the NFC, Near Field Communication in synchronization for accurate database management.

Inventory management is accomplished by sensing each dock door opening and closing including all inventories passing through, entering and exiting. This process keeps the DC in relationship with NFC signals throughout, entering and exiting the DC or retail zone.

This loading dock traffic automation and inventory control system is comprised of a loading dock including; an overhead door, a loading zone, at least one indicator means, a sensing means and a truck control notification automation system including a computer database.

The sensing means includes; sensing if a truck has entered the loading zone in front of the loading dock and the movement, or status of the overhead door.

The notification system includes; a notification means includes either one of a phone, pager, radio, beacon strobe, beacon alarm or other communication devices for notifying dock attendants inside the building when a truck has movement at the loading dock by identification of the sensing means. Notification shall be also with the truck driver when the dock door is raised or lowered and forklift driver is in our out of the truck trailer during loading and unloading procedures.

The computer data base includes; recording the movement of any truck in front of a specific dock.

The Beacon® loading dock traffic automation and inventory control system sensing means notifies a forklift driver of unauthorized truck movement by means of a beacon alarm; a strobe, pager, radio or other communication devices.

This notification system includes; at least RFID, SAW or Barcode reader means for reading RFID, SAW or Barcodes and any other real time visibility of the products on the truck for inventory information.

This control panel system RFID or SAW sensing means is located inside or outside the building at the loading dock area.

When the loading dock door is raised and lowered as identified by the sensing means, the truck control notification automation system, automatically updates the computer traffic database in order to record the data of the traffic, delivery time and inventory by activating at least one of RFID, SAW or Barcode to obtain the data. Including; activating an alarm signal on the indicator, notifying the truck driver that he cannot depart when the dock door is raised and activating a signal on the indicator which notifies the truck driver that he may depart when the loading door is lowered.