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Truck GPS Tracker


General Purpose Truck GPS Tracker

Beacon Model: BTIQ-SPARROW series
Description: Truck GPS Tracker is designed for out of sight installations for a commercial enterprise setting. Hard wire install. This GPS device is for general truck tracking applications. Designed to monitor the truck maintenance health and driver habits.
Construction: Built in antenna for easy installation.
Application: Designed as a low powered vehicle tracker with live mapping while utilizing custom reporting taylored by the user. Ideal for truck commercilal facilities, stolen truck recovery and a wide variety track and trace auto applications. Stay connected with your truck and improve driver safey. Designed for business enterprise or government use. Market applications include Truck Insurance and Truck Rental.
Size: 2" x 3.8" x .77".
Device: Monitor, manage, upgrade firmware, configure and troubleshoot the truck GPS devices remotely.
Battery: Lithium-ion. Capacity: 200 mAh. Charging Temperature: 0 to +45 C.
Electrical: Operating Voltage: 12/24 VDC Vehicle System. Power Consumption: Typical 750 uA @12V (deep sleep), Typical 12 mA @12V (radio active sleep/ idle), ( Typical 40 mA @12V (active tracking with GPS and cell enabled).
Powered: Hard wire with harness to the truck OBD port with battery backup.
Options: OBD Power Harness, Buzzer, Relay Kit.
Standard: LTE Cat M1 Connectivity.
GPS: High Sensitivity GPS.
Equipment: Shock and Vibration: US Military Standard 202G, 810F SAE J1455.
Dynamic: Truck GPS Tracker provides service plans with 30 second, 1 minute or 15 minute tracking intervals or more.

Truck GPS Tracker

Model# Power Source Connection Reporting Power Supply Price (each)
1) BTIQ-SPARROW Vehicle Hard Wired Custom Truck $116.29