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Complete Tractor Trailer GPS Device With 2 Power Supplies, Wired & Battery for Trailer Disconnect

Beacon Model: BIQ-TTU series
Description: BEACON Fleet Tracker is a complete vehicle device that is tethered with a wire harness for constant power supply but also has a battery supply in the event the trailer may sit disconnected for periods of time, providing continuous tracking.
Construction: Weatherproof (IP66)
Application: Designed as a asset and trailer tracker with live mapping while utilizing custom reporting tailored by the user.
Size: Dimensions: 45" x 3.4" x 1.5".
Software: Software and Service include PEG'm Embedded Intelligence Engine (included). PULsrm Device Management (included). Micro Service (available) CrashBoxxrm (optional).
Label: Serial number with each unit.
Battery: 500 Message Cycles on a fully charged battery.
Powered: Extensive Power Management Features, (5.2 Ah) Rechargeable Battery.
Color: Black.
Standard: Precise GPS technology.
Installation: LTE Cat 1 and expansive 1/0 harness enables a broad array of use cases for asset management solutions.
Note: Industry Certifications: FCC, IC, PTCRB, RoHS
GPS: Satellite Location (GNSS), Constellation Support: Hybrid GPS, GLONASS, SBAS Engine (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS), 55 Channel.
Inventory: Volume asset and object enterprise database management.
Tracking: Versatile Asset Tracker built for flexibility with extensive field performance that is designed for long term deployments.
Dynamic: Tracking Device provides service plans with 30 second, 1 minute or 15 minute tracking intervals or more.

Tracking Device

Model# Description Power Source Connection Reporting Power Supply Price (each)
1) BIQ-TTU GPS Fleet Tracker providing asset & trailer tracking with wire harness tether or battery External and battery backup Control Wires Service Plan Vehicle or Battery $234.27

Tracking Device - Service Plan

Model# Tracking Plan Map Type Read 1 Capability Read 2 Capability Connection Billing Cycle Price (each)
2) BIQ-TTU - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN - 15 MIN 15 Minute intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular Internet Cloud Based 30 Days $15.85
3) BIQ-TTU - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN - 1 MIN 1 Minute intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular Internet Cloud Based 30 Days $21.15
4) BIQ-TTU - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN - 30 SEC 30 Second intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular Internet Cloud Based 30 Days $24.33