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GPS QR Code Powder Coat Finish Label


Label To Track Powder Coated Surface Assets

Beacon Model: PCS series
Description: BEACON® Black Text/QR Code on White Beacon Micros Asset Tracking Label.
Application: Powder Coated Surface. Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Material: Ultra aggressive vinyl & premium vinyl with ECR (Extreme Chemical Resistant) Ribbon (ink).
Thickness: Ultra aggressive film 3.8 mil film, 3.0 mil premium film 1.5 mil adhesive, total thickness 8.3 mil.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro® brand web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Color: Optional two color run process will be heat transferred to label vinyl tape first. QR code will always be printed ECR black ribbon on white ultra aggressive vinyl for best scan ability.
Options: Color Options available upon request. QR Code will always be printed ECR Black Ribbon on White Ultra Aggressive Vinyl for best scan ability.
Standard: Service Temperature range is -65 degree F to +225 degree F. Application Surface Temperature 30 degree F not air temperature.
Installation: Special adhesive designed to stick to (hard-to-stick) surfaces and low energy surfaces including but not limited to: Powder Coated Material, Rough Concrete, Pallet Wood, Un-Planed Wood Plywood, Rough Unfished Plastic. Indoor/Out Door use.
Warranty: 7 Exterior/Interior Year Warranty.
Note: All Beacon Micros Asset Tracking Labels come printed with ECR/Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon (ink). Resistant to: IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), Mineral Spirits, Motor Oil, Brake Fluid, Terpene, Lenium, Petroleum Distillate, Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP), Acetone. U/V Resistant Ribbon (ink). Superb Abrasion Resistance. For more information please spec sheet.
Equipment: Powder coat finish labels are designed to be applied to a surface such as trailer jack stands that have a powder coat finish.
Inventory: Volume asset and object enterprise database management.

Beacon PCS series Powder Coated Surface Code Label

Model# Size Color Quantity Purchase Price (each)
1) PCS-BW-2x12-1-H 2"x12" Black / White 100 $3.18
2) PCS-BW-2x12-5-H 2"x12" Black / White 500 $2.76
3) PCS-BW-2x12-1-T 2"x12" Black / White 1,000 $2.65
4) PCS-BW-2x12-5-T 2"x12" Black / White 5,000 $2.12
5) PCS-BW-2x12-10-T 2"x12" Black / White 10,000 $1.12
6) PCS-BW-2x12-30-T 2"x12" Black / White 30,000 $1.27
7) PCS-BW-2x12-50-T 2"x12" Black / White 50,000 $1.21
8) PCS-BW-2x12-100-T 2"x12" Black / White 100,000 $1.16
9) PCS-BW-2x12-500-T 2"x12" Black / White 500,000 $1.10
10) PCS-BW-2x12-1-M 2"x12" Black / White 1,000,000 $1.02

Beacon PCS series Powder Coated Surface Code Label - 2C Series

Model# Size Color Quantity Purchase Price (each)
11) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-1-H 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 100 $1.59
12) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-5-H 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 500 $0.95
13) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-1-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 1,000 $0.80
14) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-5-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 5,000 $0.67
15) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-10-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 10,00 $0.67
16) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-30-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 30,000 $0.38
17) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-50-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 50,000 $0.38
18) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-100-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 100,000 $0.36
19) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-500-T 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 500,000 $0.35
20) PCS-2C-1.75x1.5-1-M 1.75"x1.5" 2 Color Run 1,000,000 $0.32