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Micro GPS Tracking Device


Battery Powered Micro GPS Tracking Device

Beacon Model: BIQ-BAT series
Description: Beacon Micro GPS Tracking Device is an enterprise class solution for high reliability 24/7 visibility, with 3 ping service plans offered. Reduce asset inventory tracking costs by eliminating lass, theft or hoarding. No wires required. Ping occurs on movement only to lengthen battery life.
Construction: Includes internal antenna design.
Application: Easy installation and conceal. Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Operation: Start up is simple, after installing the batteries, the red light will flash located on the bottom of the internal circuit board. After the red light turns off the GPS unit is connected.
Size: 3.15" long.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro® brand web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Network: 3 Options available: Ping every12 hours, or very 20 minutes, or every 2 minutes for asset location. Battery life depends on ping intervals. More pings diminishes battery life.
Device: Enterprise Class includes high sensitivity GPS. Device and service sold separately.
Battery: Up to 3 years of battery life with the 12 hour ping service plan, less with more pings. Battery life depends on environment, manufacture and type of battery, etc. Beacon Micro does not guarantee battery performance. Battery supplied by Customer.
Color: White
Power: Utilizes 3 AAA 1.5 V lithium batteries for the longest battery life.
Standard: Over the air configuration for your special application and design management requirements.
Installation: The possibilities are endless including Trailer, Shipping Containers, Pallets, Skids, Packages, Bins, Generators, Equipment, Live Stock. Incudes 2 external mounting ears for zip ties.
Inventory: Designed to include powered and non powered assets. Manage inventory for motor vehicles, excavators, tractors, production inventory, non powered assets can include generators, dumpsters, drums, trailers, containers, pallets, raw material, and gear boxes.
Zone: Keep control of your assets with the Micro GPS Tracking Device. Identify point A to point B and inside of zone A and B. Know where your Vehicle, Equipment or Tool assets are located or docked and for how long inside the Zone, Geo-Fence.
Tracking: Geofence Zone Detection: When an asset is first detected inside a pre-defined geo-fence or outside of a pre-determined geo-fence, after alerting inside the geo-fence, the next time an event occurs a boundary notification will be generated.

Micro GPS Tracking Device

Model# Power Source Connection Reporting Power Supply Device Price Price (each)
1) BIQ-BAT Internal Battery (Customer Supplied) No Wires needed Ping 2xday Up to 3 year battery life Device Only (Service Sold Separately) $158.99

Micro GPS Tracking Device - Service Plan

Model# Tracking Plan Map Type Read 1 Capability Read 2 Capability Read Capability Read Capability Connection Billing Cycle Price (each)
2) BIQ-BAT- 12 HR - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN 12 Hour Intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular RFID QR Code Internet Cloud Based Every 30 days $9.89
3) BIQ-BAT-20 MIN - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN 20 Minute Intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular RFID QR Code Internet Cloud Based Every 30 days $9.95
4) BIQ-BAT-2 MIN - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN 2 Minute Intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular RFID QR Code Internet Cloud Based Every 30 days $11.91