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Fleet Dash Cam


Fleet Dash Cam - BIQ-Cam

Beacon Model: BIQ-Cam
Description: Fleet Dash Cam Road & Driver Facing GPS camera with 1080 HD Adjustable 140 degree wide angle lens. Built in Speaker for alerts & coaching.
Application: 720 HD Adjustable wide angle color and IR cabin camera for distracted driver assitance.
Operation: This stand alone device makes it perfect for capturing the complete video image, breadcrumb trail tracking and fleet management of your assets.
Read Range: Features AI-Artificial Intelligence and IR- Infrared
Device: Benefits: Windshield placement pad for installation in all vehicle types. 128 GB high endurance SD card with SIM. Features tamper resistant SIM & SD card slot. Touch screen display, built in speaker for alerts and coaching.
Battery: Features Battery for Parking Mode.
Options: Add up to 3 extra optional WiFi micro cameras using the internal cabin BIQ-Cam camera as the primary hub. Add one camera on each exterior rear view mirror facing backwards and one on the back of the 53' trailer for rear viewing with no extra service fee.
Standard: Wire cable for fuse box is supplied as standard. Installation instructions and guide included. Dedicated Support with install training.
Installation: Simple install to the OBD2 port for quick install, camera turns off when engine is off. Install Option 2: Hard wire the Y connector to the fuse box to keep the camera unit ready for movement activation even when the engine is off .
Warranty: Hardware 12 months.
Note: The BIQ-CAM-15 SEC includes portal mapping service for 30 day billing cycle.
GPS: Built in GPS and 3G / 4 G connectivity with Bluetooth.
Tracking: The Fleet Dash Cam provides GPS route tracking for trace route performance.

Fleet Dash Cam

Model# Power Source A Power Source B Connection Read 2 Capability Read Capability Read Capability Device Price Price (each)
1) BIQ-CAM Vehicle On Board Battery for Parking Mode Wire Harness Cellular AI-Artificial Intelligence IR -Infrared Device Only (Service Sold Separately) $391.14

BIQ-CAM - Accessory

Model# Description Price (each)
2) BIQ-CAM - PC OBD Power Cable $7.84

Fleet Dash Cam - Service Plan

Model# Tracking Plan Map Type Read 1 Capability Read 2 Capability Billing Cycle Price (each)
3) BIQ-CAM - 15 SEC - MAPPING SERVICE PLAN Every 5 to 15 second Intervals GPS Mapping GPS Cellular Every 30 days $34.98