Beacon® GPS Equipment Hardware

Beacon® provides GPS products and delivers a Beacon Micro ® web based open platform control panel, diverse, simple to use inventory management tool. GPS data is captured, filtered, transferred and then optomized for your specific application. Installation service for GPS equipment is available. Beacon® provides two different technologies, enterprise GPS powered equipment for dynamic asset tracking and QR code for economical static management zone GPS tracking. Beacon provides Telecommunications and Network services including Business Database Management services.

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1) Beacon® GPS Vehicle Asset & Maintenance Tracker

  Enterprise class for high reliability universal solution including 24/7 visibility with Garmin suport. Reduce vehicle service and maintenace costs. Covert installation. Runs on vehicle power source.
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2) Beacon® GPS Vehicle Tracker

  Connect to vehicle OBD2 diagnostic port under dashboard by stearning column. Track location, time, on off. Runs on vehicle power source.
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3) Beacon® GPS Equipment Tracker

  Track equipment and asset location on job sites to identify location and prevent theft. Track movement every 30 minutes until stationary. Requires power source, includes battery backup.
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4) Beacon® GPS Fleet Tracker

  Stay continually connected to customizable reporting, analysis tools, start - stop & on offi alerts. Rechargeable internal battery.
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5) Beacon® GPS Battery Trailer - Container Tracker

  Designed for tracking and monitoring fixed and non-powered assets inlcuding trailers, containers and equipment. Up to 3 years battery life.
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6) Beacon® Asset Tracker

  QR Code static asset tracker high strangth vinyl labels. Use your mobile devise QR Code app to identify location and monitor on BeaconMicro® cloud platform.
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