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Smart Beacon Zone™


Smart Beacon Zone Map Asset Tracking

Beacon Model: Beacon Micro SBZ series
Brand: BEACON®
Description: Smart Beacon Micro Zone technology is designed to asset Customs and Border Patrol with personnel, asset and object management for border crossing and inside the zone. The Smart Beacon Micro Zone is designed to utilize one or more of GPS, RFID, SAW and Cellular including the Electromagnetic Wave spectrum technology.
Application: Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Note: Article in Wall Street Journal regarding US tightens visa free program.
RFID: Radio frequency identification dynamic and static tracking.
GPS: Global positioning system dynamic and static tracking.
Barcode: Barcode static asset tracking.
QR Code: QR Code static asset tracking.
Bluetooth: Bluetooth static asset tracking.
Cellular: Cellular dynamic and static tracking with electromagnetic wave spectrum technology.
Inventory: Volume asset and object enterprise database management.
Asset: Track personnel, equipment, tools, vehicles, products and shipping containers.

Smart Beacon Zone

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