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GPS - RFID Dock Door Asset Inventory


GPS - RFID Dock Door Asset Inventory Asset Mapping

Beacon Model: Beacon Micro D-D series
Description: Beacon Micro GPS, Cellular RFID Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Dock Door Inventory Monitor Automaton Loading Dock Door Zone inventory monitoring includes goods going in and out of the distribution center for real time count. Monitor date and time of truck arrival and departure including attributes at the loading dock.
Application: Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro brand web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Device: Ever Last® control station box at each dock door controls RFID, and or Bluetooth for upload database management, dock leveler, loading dock fan, loading dock spot light and traffic signal dock light.
Installation: The Inventory Control System can be configured to fit a wide variety of application environments including custom design computer software and hardware and we will consult with you to match your specific needs
System Software Application: Windows, Cloud Base Platform or open source.
RFID: Radio Frequency Identification.
GPS: Global Positioning System.
Barcode: Barcode tags incorporated with Radio Frequency Identification tags.
Bluetooth: Indoor or outdoor
Vehicles: Radio Frequency identifies the profile attributes and Global Positioning identifies the location. When trucks back up to each dock door the RFID tag on the truck is read providing inventory and driver information into the database for management.
Personnel: Radio Frequency and Bluetooth wrist bands and clothing.
Inventory: Pallets and inventory containers with Radio Frequency Identification tags. Volume asset and object enterprise database management.
Micro Location: Precise location.
Shopping Products: Database to work with NFC, Near Field Communication.
Shopping Advertising: Find the latest advertisements when shopping in a store.
Physical Sensors: battery
Entrance: Point of entrance.
Exit: Point of exit.
Zone: A specific area to be monitored.
Indexing: Count objects including employees, tools, equipment, pallets, vehicles for safety and inventory in the distribution center.
Tracking: Location, speed, date and time of objects.
Correlation: Predetermined formulas of correlation.
Association: Two or more objects of predetermined association.
Dynamic: Global Positioning System will determine location and movement of a truck at the dock.

GPS - RFID Dock Door Asset Inventory

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