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Fleet Management


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Model: B-LMU-2630 BT-LMU with 5 inputs & 3 outputs for diagnostics, B-LMU-3640-MSP for tractor trailer trucking industry with E-log, B-TTU-2830-MSP mounted on trailers, powered by truck, disconnect from truck & track trailer with battery power up to 3 weeks.
Construction: Heavy duty construction, made for outside, designed to be protected against dust, water resistant for high pressure jets.
Application: Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Service Range: United States, Mexico and Canada.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Battery: Includes a self contained battery, no need for external power source. Ping 2 times a day for a performance battery life of 3 years.
Equipment: Designed to be rugged and durable.
Micro Location: Provides location mapping from 30 second, 1 minute or 15 minute ping reporting intervals for asset tracking.
Physical Sensors: Antenna is fully integrated in the self contained design, no need for external antenna.
Tracking: Keep control and find your lost or stolen trailer.
Association: Control your inventory with trailer asset association from one trailer to another.
Static: Fleet Management system can track your trailer as it is docked at your location for pickup or your customer location for delivery.

Fleet Management

Model# Description Product Power Source Tracking Plan Map Type Read Capability Billing Type Price (each)
1) BIQ-TTU-BSP-15 GPS Trailer Tracker Bundle Device & Service Wire & Battery Every 15 minutes GPS Mapping GPS Hardware & Service Billing Cycle for the 1st 12 months Call
2) BIQ-TTU-SP-15 GPS Trailer Tracker Bundle Device & Service Service Only Every 15 minutes GPS Mapping GPS Service Billing Cycle Call