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Beacon Model: GPSQRC series
Brand: BEACON®
Description: Inventory Management with a combination of GPS and QR code provides an economical way to track large volume of non moving assets in the field. GPS provides the location of the QR code. Utilizes QR code for identification to be read and managed in a cloud portal. Different asset command fields include asset number and QR code number.
Application: A wide range of specific premium vinyl labels designed for different applications and surfaces include galvanized metal, raw metal, glass, oil drum, power coat finish and pvc plastic. Designed for business enterprise or government use.
Material: Premium Vinyl
Operation: GPS coordinates powered by Beacon Micro.
Size: A wide range of standard and special size labels are available.
Read Range: The QR Code label is designed to be read with a smart phone utilizing the smart phone GPS component for a outside read location on objects viewable by satellite.
Software: Manage, inventory and track remotely with the Beacon Micro web/cloud terminal from your desktop, phone or pad with a low monthly fee. View a specific zone area or cross country with GPS mapping. Secure access for you and your team.
Cloud: Remote into GPS portal with your specific assigned user name and passcode. The cloud portal allows for inventory management of your assets. Create and assign different inventory profile groups for your asset management team. Includes map selection.
System Software Application: Set default map view of your choice.
QR Code: Method of identification for inventory asset management.
Inventory: Volume asset and object enterprise database management.
Micro Location: Inventory Management identifies asset attributes and location in your cloud control panel.

Inventory Management

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